Preventing conflict

The Royal Navy’s presence on the world stage sends a powerful message. We are present, active and able, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to prevent conflict. By being there when it matters and acting as reassurance to other nations – and as a deterrent to would-be aggressors – we safeguard the flow of international trade, helping Britain to thrive. 

Key activities

Preventing conflict

Strategic positioning

The majority of maritime trade passes through a handful of global chokepoints. Would-be aggressors know this. And so do we. By positioning our strength to protect these priority areas, we stabilise the seas and prevent conflict, facing down threats with a strategic show of force.

By safeguarding global trade, we're not just keeping the seas safe from criminals - we're protecting the freedom and way of life of everyone in the United Kingdom.


people serve in the Royal Navy - many of whom are ready to deploy in an instant.


The number of commissioned ships in the Naval Service


of Britain's economic activity depends on the oceans.

Preventing conflict

Stabilising hotspots

The Royal Navy keeps a watchful eye over fragile states, containing potential threats and preventing them from spilling over into all-out conflicts. Our presence protects our regional partners and makes the world a safer place.

When regions become unstable, it also has a knock-on effect on essential resources. By ensuring stability in areas like the Gulf and West Africa, we keep the peace, and maintain the essential global flow of goods and supplies. By curbing aggressors and providing stability far from home, we safeguard your quality of life.

Preventing conflict

Global presence

Tensions threatening Britain’s interests can arise anywhere, at any time. From the frozen waters of the Antarctic to the Gulf of Aden to the seas surrounding Somalia, we’re poised, ready and able. By making the most of our freedom to deploy globally, we use proximity to unstable or aggressive nations to curb destabilising behaviour.

The formidable new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier is just one example of the Royal Navy’s imposing presence on the international stage – and it’s enough to make any would-be aggressor think twice.


Preventing conflict

Reassuring regional powers

The Royal Navy's global presence means we forge close relationships with partners across the world. By working closely with our global allies, we provide stability, reassure regional powers and contain situations before they develop into serious conflicts.

Global trade depends on cooperation and goodwill - and as an island nation, we're reliant on the sea for essential resources. That's why reassuring regional powers and protecting maritime trade is essential for our own country's security, prosperity and success.

Meet the team...

Lt. Joshi,
Operations Officer

HMS Shoreham's arrival in the Gulf will be another tool in ensuring conflict prevention in the area. As well as playing an active role in mine clearance, we act as a deterrent to unfriendly forces in the region.

LS Branston,
Air Picture Supervisor

It has been challenging without a doubt as there are many busy air lanes in this part of the world to keep on top of. I have watched Turkish and Israeli military aircraft conduct sorties and generally developed air pattern of life for future operations. However, the biggest achievement, for me is that I have been a part of the ship's company that directly contributed the removal of chemical weapons from Syria.

Commanding Officer

It has been an operationally intense deployment (HMS Diamond, on Operation RECSYR) with a necessity to be at a heightened state of readiness at all times. To say I am proud of what my team has achieved is an understatement; I have been privileged to command such a professional ship's company.

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Indian Ocean

Combined Task Force

CTF 150 operates in an area that spans over two million square miles. This covers the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea, Red Sea, and the Northern Indian Ocean. The Force was created to counter terrorism, prevent smuggling, create a lawful maritime order and conduct Maritime Security Operations (MSO) to help develop security in the maritime environment.



Operation Rescyr

The Danish, Norwegian and British Task Group works alongside a Russian and Chinese Task Group to provide maritime force protection to the Danish and Norwegian merchant vessels tasked with transporting the chemical substances and weapons out of Syria for destruction.


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