Fast Transits Of The Harbour By Military Small Craft


Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth

LNTM No 7/14

  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth that fast transits of the harbour (Swashway to Hulk Moorings) will periodically take place in conjunction with military training on the RN Hulk vessels moored in Fareham Lake (by day and night).
  2. Exceptionally these small, non-displacement, military craft have been approved to exceed the 10 knots speed limit (GD 04 / 13 refers) based on the following criteria:-
  3. a. Operational necessity for such military training.
    b. Risk assessment of the hazards involved.
    c. Minimum wash caused by such craft.
    d. High level of competence of the military coxswains.
    e. Manoeuvrability of the craft involved.
    f. Transit via the centre of the harbour, whenever possible.
  4. However, on every occasion, QHM Harbour Control will be informed with details (VHF or by phone) and will subsequently veto or approve such a transit (north and south) beforehand with sufficient notice to inform the MDP Patrol launch(es) on station; Police escorting is not required given para 2.
  5. All mariners should be assured that these craft will operate within prescribed limitations described in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) in general and Rule 6 (safe speed) specifically. The coxswains of these craft have been fully briefed of their responsibilities to all other users in this regard and will moderate their movements accordingly.
  6. At night these craft may also operate without navigation lights (due to training requirements) and are responsible for avoiding all other obstructions and craft afloat.
  7. This notice should also be read in conjunction with GD 10/10 on the temporary exclusion zones activated around RN Hulks on such occasions.
  8. All mariners are requested to keep well clear of such craft, when possible and report any concerns to QHM on Ch 11 or by telephoning 02392 723694.
  9. Portsmouth LNTM 08 / 13 is hereby superseded.

S O Hopper
Queen's Harbour Master