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Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth


  1. Mariners are advised that the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth has made the following General Direction that Water skiing is not permitted inside Portsmouth Harbour north of Fort Blockhouse, nor within half a nautical mile from any shore within the Dockyard Port (E. Solent) area except in specially designated areas.
  2. Designated Water Ski Area. (See Admiralty Chart No 2036). A designated water ski area has been established off Wootton Creek as follows:

    An area to the northwest of Wootton Creek bounded by the following positions, each of which is marked by a small white buoy with the word "Ski" written on the side. 

    50° 44’ .78 N, 001° 12’ .61 W
    50° 45’ .27 N, 001° 14’ .05 W
    50° 45’ .05 N, 001° 14’ .22 W
    50° 44’ .55 N, 001° 12’ .80 W
  3. Lee-on-Solent. At Lee-on-Solent a variety of water sports take place in the vicinity of the Hovercraft slipway. In order to allow each type of sport to be enjoyed safely areas and rules described below are hereby promulgated.
    1. Water Ski Area. An area marked by yellow buoys bounded by the following positions: 

      50° 48’ .34 N, 001° 12’ .99 W
      50° 48’ .60 N, 001° 13’ .98 W
      50° 48’ .38 N, 001° 14’ .32 W
      50° 48’ .16 N, 001° 13’ .44 W

      This area is marked by yellow buoys along the inshore side and by yellow buoys at the corners of the outer limits. 

      Water skiers wishing to access this area from the shore must use the hovercraft slip at Lee-on-Solent and the transit lane that separates the water ski and adjacent Personal Water Craft (PWC) areas. Craft towing water skiers may exceed the 10 knot speed limit in the transit lane and the PWC area but only whilst making passage directly to and from the water ski area. Within the water ski area their speed is unlimited but they should note the requirements of Rules 5 and 6 of the COLREGS, namely to keep a good lookout and proceed at a safe speed.
    2. Personal Water Craft (PWC) Area. An area bounded by the following positions:

      50° 47’ .94 N, 001° 12’ .43 W
      50° 48’ .24 N, 001° 12’ .84 W
      50° 48’ .01 N, 001° 13’ .20 W
      50° 47’ .71 N, 001° 12’ .79 W

      This area is marked by yellow buoys along the inshore side and by yellow buoys at the corners of the outer limits.

      PWCs, commonly known as jet skis, are subject to the same speed limit as all other craft within the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth. Within the transit lane (see below) however they are to proceed at or below 10 knots or at the slowest speed at which they can be safely operated. 

      Whilst exceeding 10 knots they are only to make direct passage to and from the PWC area.
    3. Transit Lane. The area between the PWC and Water ski areas is denoted as a transit lane. The transit lane may only be used to proceed between the slipway and either the Water ski or PWC areas.
    4. Other Vessels. The PWC and Water ski areas are designed to allow only these craft to operate safely at speed; other vessels are therefore advised to remain clear.
    5. Swimming. The areas inshore of the PWC and Water Ski Areas are designated as swimming areas. All power driven vessels are to stay clear of these areas with the exception of life saving craft on duty.
    6. PWC Stand Up Zone. The stand up zone is for the sole purpose of training and learning to use stand up craft. No other personal watercraft should operate within the designated area. The area is not to be used to learn freestyle tricks, such as fountains, tail stands aerial and hood tricks.
    7. This is a chartlet outlining the areas off Lee - on - Solent. 

  4. Designated PWC Area (Eastney). A Jet Ski area is established 600m south of the beach at Eastney and 400m west of the approaches to the entrance to Langstone Harbour. The area is bounded by the following positions:

    50° 46’ .78 N, 001° 02’ .73 W
    50° 46’ .88 N, 001° 02’ .09 W
    50° 46’ .69 N, 001° 01’ .96 W
    50° 46’ .58 N, 001° 02’ .58 W
    1. Six buoys have been laid to mark the perimeter of the new Jet Ski area. The buoys are yellow spherical floats with no lights fitted.
    2. Within this Jet Ski area, Personal Watercraft will operate at high speed. Other water uses should take care when entering this area.
  5. Insurance. Operators of PWCs are to obtain third party insurance cover for their vessels and to have them data tagged. Proof of third party insurance & data tagging will be required on application.
  6. Licensing of Personal Watercraft. In accordance with The Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005 no jet-skiing is permitted within the harbour or within 0.5 of a nautical mile from shore outside the harbour without a licence from QHM. The licences are free and application can be made online here: Personal Watercraft.
  7. Swimming (Eastney). An area solely for swimming is established and bounded by four yellow unlit spherical buoys approximately 100 metres off shore running Easterly from; 50 46.8N – 001 03.65W to 50 46.85N – 001 03.5W. Mariners are advised that this is a measure to reduce risk of casualties between swimmers and small leisure craft. Mariners are to remain seaward of the swim area, maintaining a good all round lookout at all times and to proceed at a speed consistent with safe navigation.
  8. Board Sailing (Wind Surfing) Prohibited Areas.
    1. Portsmouth Harbour Approach Channels. – The buoyed channel extending from a line joining Outer Spit Buoy and Horse Sand Buoy at its southerly limit to a line joining the easternmost point of Fort Blockhouse and the Round Tower (Old Portsmouth) at the Harbour entrance. It is bounded on either side by the channel buoys marking the limits of the dredged channel.
    2. Portsmouth Harbour Main Navigable Channels. - All the waters of the Harbour south of a line joining the northern end of Shell Pier head and the south-west corner of Whale Island and to the south of Whale Island Bridge, but excluding the waters above Haslar Bridge and Forton Bridge.
    3. Fareham Lake. - In the navigable channel of Fareham Lake from the limits defined in paragraph b above northward to latitude 5049’ North and bounded to the east and west by the Drying Line as defined on current Admiralty Charts.
  9. Contravention of the rules contained within this General Direction is a criminal offence.
  10. Portsmouth GD 01/11 is hereby superseded.

Queen's Harbour Master