Oyster Dredging


Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth


  1. Mariners are advised that the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth has made the following General Direction under the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005 and The Marine Management Organisation Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (2009 c 23).
  2. Professional fishermen who engage in oyster dredging within Portsmouth Harbour are reminded that in accordance with the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order 2005, Schedule 1, Paragraph 8 (3) –

    1. “ No fishing shall at any time be carried out either within – 
    2. (a) the approach channel; or
    3. (b) the main navigable channels.”
  3. In clarification of the Order, the main navigable channels within the harbour are defined as:-
    A. All the areas marked on Admiralty Chart 2631 as prohibited for fishing, from the harbour entrance to a line from Shell pier to the south west corner of Whale Island.
    B. The main channel of Fareham Lake to the north west, and the main channel of Portchester Lake to the north east.
  4. At certain tidal states however, it is recognised that the only navigable water in the northern part of the harbour is in the main channels of Fareham and Portchester Lakes. At these times, notwithstanding the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth Order, professional fishermen may engage in oyster dredging within these areas from 1 Nov until the last day of February. When engaged in oyster dredging in these areas, professional fishermen should pay due regard to other users of these channels in accordance with the normal practice of good seamanship.
  5. In compliance with the MMO Emergency Byelaw 2011 issued on 10 January 2011:
    (i) No person shall other than in the execution of a properly authorised fishing activity drop, move, tow or drag any fishing gear or equipment along the seabed or above the seabed from any vessel in such way that it may cause:
    (aa) the deterioration of the natural habitats for which the EMS has been classified; 
    (bb) the deterioration of the habitats of species for which the EMS has been classified; or 
    (cc) the disturbance of the species for which the EMS has been classified, in waters of the EMS north of the direct line joining the south east corner of Portchester Castle (50 Degrees 50.17 minutes North 001 Degrees 06.78 minutes West), the southern part of Peewit Island (50 Degrees 49.82 minutes North 001 Degrees 08.24 minutes West) and the shore at Frater (50 degrees 49.63 minutes North 001 Degrees 09.00 minutes West).
  6. Further information may be found at: 
  7. http://www.marinemanagement.org.uk/protecting/conservation/byelaws.htm#portsmouth

Queen's Harbour Master