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Shipping Movements

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Planned Diving

Date Category Ship/Unit Location Timings
07 MAY 20 Diving SEATEC(DEFENDER) NWW 0700-1800
07 MAY 20 Diving BAE B LOCK 0800-1700
07 MAY 20 Diving BAE(DIAMOND) NCJ E 0800-1800
07 MAY 20 Sonar MIDDLETON 6BII 0700-2200
08 MAY 20 Diving SEATEC(DEFENDER) NWW 0700-1800
08 MAY 20 Diving BAE B LOCK 0800-1700
08 MAY 20 Sonar MIDDLETON 6BII 0700-2200
27 September 2020 Sonar SEATEC (PRINCE OF WALES) B LOCK 2200 - 2300

Notices Map

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Navigation warnings

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There are 22 Navigation Warnings.

NAVWARN 3/20 Sarah nav warning
NAVWARN 1/20 Andy NavWarn
NAVWARN 1/18 Jan nav test one
NAVWARN 2/17 nav_warning_0958
NAVWARN 1/17 nav_ports_test
NAVWARN 2/15 QHM Navigational Warnings no expiry in past
NAVWARN 52/14 Test post dated Nav Warn 19th (test)
NAVWARN 51/14 Pile No63 Reported Unlit
NAVWARN 46/14 Three Special Marks West Victory Jetty
NAVWARN 33/14 Shoal Patch In 2 Basin Entrance
NAVWARN 27/14 Shoal Patches Off Fountain Lake Jetty
NAVWARN 9/14 Victoria Pier Top Green Light Reported Out
NAVWARN 7/14 Amar River Sunken Yacht (test)
NAVWARN 67/13 South Parade Pier 2fg Lights Extinguished
NAVWARN 62/13 Nab Tower Works
NAVWARN 29/13 Spitbank Fort Mooring Buoys
NAVWARN 57/12 Nab Anchorage No 3 Foul test
NAVWARN 52/11 Anchor Cable In St Helens Road
NAVWARN 40/11 Shoal Depths Southwestern End Of Haslar Lake
NAVWARN 10/04 Shoal Patches East of Wightlink Hulk
NAVWARN QHM Navigational Warnings test two
NAVWARN QHM Navigational Warnings test

Local Notices

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There are 30 Local Notices to Mariners.

LNTM 3/18 Ben Test 3
LNTM 2/18 Ben Test 2
LNTM 2/18 Ben Test
LNTM 1/17 lntm_test_13th
LNTM 2/16 Test Notice
LNTM 1/16 QHM LNTM Test 2
LNTM 4/15 Andy Test 1
LNTM 2/15 QHM LNTM no epxiry in future
LNTM 81/14 Post dated test 20th LNTM
LNTM 80/14 Test post dated LTNM 19th no publish item (test)
LNTM 79/14 ben test auto send
LNTM 79/14 Test LNTM 13th (test)
LNTM 77/14 Cross Solent Swim: 30/31 August 2014
LNTM 75/14 Cross Solent Swim 2
LNTM 63/14 Oil Fuel Jetty Gosport Painting Works
LNTM 16/14 Use Of Weighted Heaving Lines In Mooring Operations
LNTM 14/14 Horse Sand Fort Bird Scaring Device
LNTM 13/14 Boarding And Landing Of Pilots
LNTM 12/14 Mooring Lines At Oil Fuel Jetty
LNTM 11/14 Cross Solent Swims
LNTM 10/14 Video Surveillance And Telephone Recording
LNTM 9/14 Vessels Constrained By Their Draught
LNTM 8/14 Cold Moves
LNTM 7/14 Fast Transits Of The Harbour By Military Small Craft
LNTM 6/14 Compulsory Pilotage And Pilot Boarding Points
LNTM 5/14 Recreational Safety Points For The Solent
LNTM 4/14 Risk Assessment Of Recreational Events
LNTM 3/14 Notification Of Charging Policy For Local Notice To Mariners
LNTM 2/14 Danger Area Tipner Firing Range
LNTM 1/14 Traffic Control And Vhf Communications In The Solent

General Directions

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There are 35 General Directions notices.

DIRECTION 1/20 Andy Test Gen Dir
DIRECTION 2/18 Andy 1
DIRECTION 2/18 Andy Test 2
DIRECTION 23/16 Time Test 5
DIRECTION 22/16 Time Test 20
DIRECTION 20/16 Test Time 18
DIRECTION 17/16 Test Time 15
DIRECTION 14/16 Time Test 12
DIRECTION 12/16 Time Test 10
DIRECTION 10/16 Time Test 8
DIRECTION 4/16 Time Test 2
DIRECTION 1/16 QHM General DirectionsTESTJOHN
DIRECTION 3/14 ben test 19 nov
DIRECTION 2/14 Testing future dates
DIRECTION 1/14 Testing dates
DIRECTION 8/13 Berthing On Mod Ammunition Facility
DIRECTION 7/13 Water Skiing Board Sailing Wind Surfing PWC And Swimming
DIRECTION 6/13 Licensed Mooring Areas
DIRECTION 5/13 Recovery Of Adrift Craft
DIRECTION 4/13 Speed Limits
DIRECTION 3/13 Wash effects
DIRECTION 2/13 Dormant Exclusion Zone For Underway Warships
DIRECTION 1/13 Reporting Damage Or Incidents
DIRECTION 4/11 Fishing Restrictions To Prevent Obstruction To Navigation
DIRECTION 3/11 Keep Clear Of Warship Berths
DIRECTION 2/11 Oyster Dredging
DIRECTION 11/10 Oil Pollution
DIRECTION 10/10 Hulks Safety Zones And Keep Clear Warship Berths
DIRECTION 7/10 Portsmouth Harbour Entrance
DIRECTION 6/10 Passing Areas
DIRECTION 5/10 Movement Of Gas Tankers In The Solent
DIRECTION 4/10 Regulations When Moving In Portsmouth Harbour
DIRECTION 3/10 Movement Of Vessels In Harbour
DIRECTION 2/10 Use Of Escort Tug For Crude Oil
DIRECTION 1/10 Directions To Be Observed By Masters Of Damaged Vessels (test)

Report incident

This easy form will quickly inform QHM's department of an incident arising in the Dockyard.

Report Incident

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