Senior naval staff

The First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff is the head of the entire Naval Service. He presides over the Navy Board, which is also includes the Second Sea Lord, the Fleet Commander, the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy), the Finance Director (Navy), and the Non-Executive Director.

Together, they use their hard-won knowledge and experience to oversee all aspects of the Royal Navy’s activities, from operations and administration to personnel and logistics.

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Our governing bodies

Chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence, the Admiralty Board is made up of senior Royal Navy personnel, government ministers and civil servants from the Ministry of Defence. It is responsible for all the officers, ratings and commandos of Her Majesty's Naval and Marine forces.

The Navy Board is the body responsible for running the Royal Navy. Made up of the most senior personnel in the Naval Service, its principal duty is to ensure that the Royal Navy is fit to defend the United Kingdom and its interests.