Our capability

It takes some of the world’s most specialised equipment to make the Royal Navy such a formidable force. Yet ships, submarines and aircraft are nothing without skilled, highly trained people. And it’s those people who make us one of the most highly regarded Naval Services in the world. By connecting exceptional talent with the right tools, you get an elite force for good – whether we’re making sure humanitarian aid gets where it’s needed most or protecting Britain’s interests the world over.

One team one identity...

Who are the people of the Royal Navy? Elite snipers and search and boarding teams within the Royal Marines. Engineers who fix helicopters in hurricanes. Chaplains who provide support in the most challenging of times. Chefs who feed our teams 30,000 feet under the surface. Our people are as diverse as the country they serve. They achieve great things every day – and greater things still when they work together. Come and discover our capability.

Maintaining our skills

Training and education

To keep people committed, ready and motivated, we’ve created a non-linear framework ready to boost expertise, up skills and sharpen capability whenever we need to.

How does it work in practice? It depends on the need, the team and the moment. It’s far from the world of the conventional classroom. Ongoing training and maintaining skills takes a more personal, fluid approach, depending on both the needs of the individual, the unit, the service as a whole and what’s happening in the wider world. Training takes many forms, including:

  • Adventurous training
  • War games
  • Exercises


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