One team, one identity

Think the Royal Navy is all about the equipment? Think again. People make the Royal Navy what it is. And whether they’re treating casualties in the depths of a humanitarian crisis or hunting pirates on the high seas, all Royal Navy personnel are bound by a common goal: to protect the interests of the United Kingdom and her allies.

Our people

Frontline personnel play an essential role in the Royal Navy’s day-to-day operations – but they’re only part of the story. Behind the scenes, a whole host of highly trained specialists, from engineers and nurses to chefs, chaplains and administrators, work around the clock to make what we do possible. Their efforts give us influence over land, sea and air – and that’s what sets the Royal Navy apart.

The Royal Navy’s success on operations is possible because our 30,000 sailors and Royal Marines are a force like no other. They are the lifeblood of the service – able to face every mission with courage, discipline, and commitment.

We invest continuously in our men and women, helping them reach and redefine their potential. Armed with a unique set of personal qualities and skills, our people can handle every challenge they face, from rebuilding orphanages in disaster-struck countries to catching drug smugglers in busy shipping lanes.

Our capability

We use some of the most advanced vehicles and weaponry on the planet – but without people of the highest calibre, they would be as good as useless.

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Skills & disciplines

The royal navy carries out complex operations across land, air and sea. We need a versatile and multiskilled team to get the job done.

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Senior naval staff

Our 30,000 men and women work across more than 100 different roles, but they are united in one purpose: to protect our nation’s interests, whatever it takes.

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Expertise in extreme environments

From freezing arctic tundra to sweltering jungle, our people work in some of the toughest environments on the planet.

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