Royal Fleet Auxiliary

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) is the uniformed civilian branch of the Naval Service, which is staffed by UK merchant sailors. Its job is to provide global logistical and operational support across a range of tasks, from warfighting and counter-piracy to humanitarian missions and disaster relief. 

The role of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

During 2017, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) took delivery of the first Tide-class support tanker, RFA Tidespring. This was closely followed by RFA Tiderace, RFA Tidesurge and RFA Tideforce throughout 2018. 
These state-of-the-art 39,000-tonne ships will provide capable support to the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers and the wider Royal Navy Fleet for the foreseeable future. 
Thanks to these powerful and versatile new ships, the RFA will be better equipped than ever to continue to support the Royal Navy in tackling piracy, drug smuggling and humanitarian crises around the world.  


Being a part of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary

3/O Brown, 30

Marine Engineer Officer

I get three months off for every four months I’m at sea. I’ve used that time to travel even more of the world – there aren’t many jobs that offer that sort of opportunity.

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Primary Casualty Reception Facility (PCRF)

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