Bases and Stations

30,000 highly skilled men and women work across a multitude of roles to achieve one aim: protecting our nation’s interests. But where do they call home? Learn more about our bases, barracks and air stations. 

Naval Bases

Our Naval Bases house the Royal Navy's Surface and Submarine Fleets. Each one supports the ships and submarines of their flotilla in the areas of personnel, engineering and supplies.

Royal Marines Bases

 Where does the UK’s elite amphibious fighting force call home? Wherever they lay their heads. But when our Commandos are training, preparing or regrouping, they head to Scotland and the south west of England.

Air Stations

Our Air Stations are some the busiest airfields in the UK. They are home to the Fleet Air Arm's front-line and training squadrons, hundreds of aircraft and helicopters, and thousands of personnel.

Navy Command HQ

The Navy Command Headquarters is based at Whale Island, Portsmouth, it includes the Command Centre in Northwood, and also has support staff in Portsmouth Naval Base.