Operation Kipion (Mine Counter Measures)

Four of the Royal Navy’s finest minehunters are permanently stationed in the Persian Gulf. Why? To demonstrate our continued commitment to lasting peace in this troubled region, and to safeguard the flow of international trade.


At a glance


Royal Navy mine-sweeping vessels permanently stationed in the region


Britain's economic activity depends on the oceans

39 million tonnes

Oil imported into the UK every year


Core personnel

What are we doing?

The Operation Kipion Mine Countermeasures squadron is made up of two Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessels (HMS Ledbury and HMS Middleton), and two Sandown-class minehunters (HMS Bangor and HMS Blyth).

Together, these four ships patrol the Persian Gulf, seeking out and, if necessary, destroying unexploded sea mines using highly trained Mine Clearance Divers and the SeaFox unmanned mine disposal system.

The squadron is capable of operating both independently and as part of a multinational force. Their ultimate aim is to ensure that the vital trade routes of the Middle East are kept open for business, thereby maintaining the flow of global maritime trade.