Combined Task Force (CTF) 150

Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150) is a huge multinational task group composed of warships from numerous Coalition nations. Their mission is to patrol the Indian Ocean as part of the global war on terrorism.


What are we doing?

CTF-150 was established near the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom and is made up of warships from numerous Coalition nations. Contributors have included the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Denmark and the United States.

The ships of CTF-150 operate throughout this area to prevent terrorism and the illegal trade of drugs and weapons which funds and supports international terrorist organisations.

Combined Task Force 150 is currently commanded by Commodore Steve Moorhouse RN, who is supported by an international staff made up of Officers and sailors from the Royal Navy, Canada, France and New Zealand.

Our ambition over the next few months is to not only seize opportunities, but also to create them. As part of the Combined Maritime Forces family we will engage with international partners, encourage regional cooperation and support capacity building.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse
Commander CTF-150