A future in the Royal Navy means much more than a monthly salary.

It's worldwide travel, non-stop professional development, friends and skills you'll have for life, and a career like no other. And that's just the start. 

There’s a raft of practical perks too, because we believe in rewarding our people for the hard work they do - and that goes far beyond a pay packet. 

Royal Navy benefits calculator

As a Service person, you're eligible for all sorts of benefits and allowances. Use the Royal Navy benefits calculator to find out exactly what you could be entitled to. 

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From free gym access, to adventurous training opportunities, to help with buying your first home, Royal Navy benefits are second to none. Browse the cards below to see what's on offer. 

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Explore more advice and support from the Royal Navy.

Health and wellbeing

Naval life comes with unique challenges. We're committed to supporting our people every step of the way. 

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Our people make the Royal Navy the best in the world. 

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