Advice and support

Royal Navy life is truly unique. That's why we do everything we can to help serving personnel and their loved ones to cope with its challenges - and make the most of its advantages. 

We're here for you

You’re not alone when you’re a member of the Service community. Whether you’re spending time away from family, relocating to a new area or conducting a long-distance relationship, there’s advice and support available to help you. The majority is provided by the Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare (RNRMW) team, while charities also offer important services.

What's available?

Health and wellbeing

When you're spending time away from family, conducting long distance relationships or relocating, your mental health can be affected. If you ever feel you need support, there are dedicated organisations offering helplines. 

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Whether you're experiencing financial difficulties, have problems at home or need advice about being part of the Service community, RNRMW offers a range of specialist services. External organisations and armed forces charities can also provide the support you need. 

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Compassionate support

If there's a situation that requires specialist welfare support, from problems at home to a family illness, you can get the help you need. That might mean organising compassionate leave, speaking to the RNRMW team, or spending time with a Chaplain. 

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Local support

Each Naval unit has an Information Officer (IO), who is your face-to-face point of contact when you have a Service-related query or just need some advice. 

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A smooth transition

Discover all the tools, services and guides available to help you before, during and after your transition from the Royal Navy to civilian life. 

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Talk to us

If you need to speak with someone and you are not sure who this should be please contact the RNRMW Portal who will assess your requirements and provide support around you individual needs. You can get in contact by email using the telephone number below.

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If you're serving personnel, you can share information about your deployment in a more controlled environment by using the forum. Alternatively, if you have a loved one on deployment, you can connect with other families and get the latest unit information. 

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