What does the Royal Navy do?

Joining the Royal Navy makes you part of something special. Part of a team. Protecting our nation’s interests, all over the world. It’s the kind of career you can be proud of, and your family can be proud of you for. A way to use your natural skills, and develop new ones that stay with you for life. It’s not for everyone, but it could be for you.

At a glance


The approximate number of Royal Navy personnel serving


The number of commissioned ships in the Naval Service


Vanguard-class submariners form our nuclear deterrent


The total number of aircraft in the Naval Service

Why you should consider a career with the Royal Navy


Find out more about the starting salary for your level of entry, and see how quickly it can increase.


You put a lot into a career in the Royal Navy. Take a look at the unique benefits you’ll get in return.

Reaching your potential

See how you can get the best out of yourself, with new skills and rapid career progression.

Qualifications and skills

Joining the Royal Navy is no typical career. Find out how you’ll be supported in learning new skills and gaining internationally recognised qualifications.

Travel and adventure

Find out about the extraordinary experiences that will be a constant feature of your time in the Royal Navy.

Social life

Discover the unique bond you’ll share with your crewmates. It’s a lifestyle like no other.

Sport and fitness

Take a look at the excellent facilities and sporting opportunities available to you.

Support your family

Find out how we will look after your loved ones when you’re working away.