It's a state of mind, find out if you have it.

Who the Royal Marines are:

  • The UK’s elite amphibious fighting force. The team that’s ready to deploy in all conditions, all over the world. The one with the endless reach. These are the Royal Marines.
  • By land, sea or air, Royal Marines are on the frontline of combat and humanitarian operations.
  • Royal Marines personify courage, selflessness and positivity in the face of any challenge, whether on military or humanitarian missions.
  • As part of the Royal Marines you’ll work with cutting-edge kit, get world-class training and experience unrivalled opportunities.
  • Being in the Royal Marines is a state of mind: one that’s projected by the famous green beret, and protected by a unique camaraderie and unity.

What's it like?

Determination. Stealth. Physicality. Courage. Brotherhood. Amphibiousness. Combined, these are the ethos of the Royal Marines, and what sets them apart from anything else. You’ll embody this ethos at all times, whether you’re in scorching heat, biting cold or dense jungles. This is an elite force, and it’s one that will need you to aim higher than just rising to the challenge. And once you’ve found your physical and mental limits, you’ll go beyond them, push yourself further, and show a type of strength you’ve never needed before.