Royal Navy graduates

The Royal Navy’s role is rich and varied which, naturally, means yours will be too. You could find yourself helping prevent global conflict or delivering vital humanitarian aid. You’ll also receive internationally recognised qualifications, with first-class leadership training that will put you head-and-shoulders above other candidates for the rest of your career.


We have opportunities for high-calibre, self-starting graduates to become Royal Navy officers. As an officer you will be an important part of our command structure, charged with managing the men and women that make up our world-leading maritime defence. You’ll also have access to an almost limitless career ladder as well as training and leisure activities that few other organisations can provide.  

You might choose to work towards further qualifications, such as a masters degree, or you could find yourself managing up to thirty colleagues within two years. And, that’s not to mention world travel, private dental care and the potential to earn over £25,000 from day one.

Find out what building a Royal Navy career is really like, straight from the graduates who are already making their mark as officers.


BA Modern Languages
- Junior Warfare Officer

It's more than a job, the lifestyle has exceeded all my expectations.

Bsc Physics & Astronomy
- Sub Lieutenant Deputy Logistics Officer

The professional training you get is absolutely world-class.

M.Eng Materials Engineer
- Junior Marine Engineer Officer

This is more than a graduate scheme.